Scottish Wild Camping

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Experience the ultimate adventure introduction with Scottish Wild Camping.

2 nights in a remote location of your choice or get our experienced MWS Guide to lead you into the wild.

Free phone consultation just send us your details and we’ll call you back.

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This 2 night experience will get you into the most idyllic landscapes in the country

Discover the true essence of wilderness exploration and try wild camping – get off the beaten trail, away from the crowds and get closer to landscape and nature. Become self sufficient to operate during multi-day mountain expeditions and gain the skills required to survive. This really is the experience to make you feel like a true pioneer, every adventure yours to own.

If you want to gain some experience and appreciate what wild camping is all about, then there is no better place than Scotland to visit. We can tailor your requirements to suit.

Additional Information

We will supply the main equipment for this experience so you can just relax

  • Hilleberg tent (2-3 persons)
  • Sleeping mat
  • Down sleeping bag
  • Gas stove


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